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Michelle K., My Last Words. (via michellekpoems)

They say to
things from your life
that are hurting you.
Medically speaking
this is not
‘just to be safe,’
this was
a last resort.
You are killing


"Deja de preguntarte por qué estoy construyendo paredes entre nosotros cuando fuiste tú quien me dio los ladrillos." 

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Stop asking yourself why am I building up walls between us when you were the one who gave me the bricks.


SNSD No.1 Rule: Never say goodbye!

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99% Done.

I don’t get K-SONEs, I really don’t get them. They said they were hurt cause “Taeyeon posted cryptic messages on her Instagram for her lover when she said it was personally for the fans.” LIKE SO WHAT IF SHE REALLY DID? IT’S HER INSTAGRAM. She came out to apologize and explain how she had no hidden intentions, and yet people are still bashing her for it. The thought of her own fans being the ones bashing her, disgusts me, ALOT.

You said you spent so much money and effort on her, yet she don’t give a shit. Oh right? Let me tell you what not giving a shit is, not giving a shit is “not standing up for her fans.”, “not writing a heartfelt letter to her fans.”, “not giving her best to her fans”, but guess what? She did it all, ALL. We are the ones who CHOSE to spend the money and effort on them, we are the ones who got too emotionally invested in this fandom. Her job is to provide us with entertainment and that’s that. It does not include her giving away her private life to your care. She can date for all she wants and she can do whatever she wants with her Instagram. If you think she betrayed you guys, think about who’s betraying who now.

Just this one incident, can make you all look past all the fond memories we forge together as a fandom with the girls? I found a family in this fandom, but now, looking at everything falling apart, it hurts.

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